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About this project:

This is the kanban project ("kanban")

This project was registered on SourceForge.net on Apr 1, 2013, and is described by the project team as follows:

本软件环境要运行在JDK 7以上,TOMCAT+MYSQL环境中。 第一次安装时,请先修改WEB-Root\WEB-INF\classes\下jdbc.properties文件夹中的DBUserName,DBPassword选项,该选项分别是数据库用户名和密码。 本软件版权归裴京虎个人所有,联系方式有QQ:83399344.邮箱:pahxgh@qq.com.QQ群:230084930 ======================= 软件官网试用地址:http://www.cykanban.com/

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